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Clothes can have a big effect on your feelings, overall self-confidence, and, eventually, your life path.

Custom-made clothing is the only way to get the ideal fit.

Our first product is 6E Design. 6E Design, a custom clothing website, aims to provide an unrivaled experience with an intuitive user interface that allows customers to customize almost every aspect of their dress, including fabrics, patterns, components, accents, and much more. It also provides consumers with a curated range of collections to use as a jumping-off point for their customization journeys. Our mission is to assist men in dressing for their bodies in custom-made garments that flatter and match perfectly.

It’s the perfect marriage of design, technology, and manufacturing, and it’s all thanks to you.

In recent years, men’s fashion has advanced in leaps and bounds. Men today are far more likely to try different models before deciding on an outfit that reflects who they are.

In Hyderabad and around India, 6E Design contributes to this definition. It has given an opportunity to explore the possibilities of Indian men’s wear like never before. It offers a wide range of custom-made kurta designs, Sherwani’s, formal Suits, Tuxedo’s, Indo western outfits and much more, . Fit to style clients may be as hands-on as they want while 6E Design creates their clothing items, from fabric to prints.

In recent years, the designer Sherwani for groom has been in full swing, and because the Sherwani is an outfit that can be worn for a variety of occasions, there is a lot of space to experiment with colors, cuts, and fabrics. Those who are preoccupied with wedding plans can rely on 6E Design to help them choose the best designer Sherwani from their extensive collections.

Though we all can enjoy this culture and customs with a touch of western style, the Indo-Western Sherwani is the latest go-to outfit for men. It perfectly suits how an Indian man is a today.

The groom’s traditional Sherwani has a certain allure. It brightens the mood and complements the typical Indian wedding setting. Perhaps as a result of weddings or other celebrations, men are now much more concerned with what they wear because the right party wear for men completes a man and sets the perfect tone for the party.

The Jodhpuri coat is another fashion item that stands out. Jodhpuri coats are available at 6E Design in a variety of colors and intricate embroidery, allowing you to completely transform your look by simply adding the Jodhpuri coat. A full Jodhpuri suit for men is also available from 6E Design.

The color black is associated with power, sophistication, and structure. As a result, the majority of formal suits are black or shades of black. Men’s fashion in India has been sparked by an unusual mix of new colors with traditional garments. The black Sherwani fills the role of being flexible and a balance of formal perfection and intricate embroidery, making it a traditional outfit.

Aside from these, 6E Design has a large selection of groom’s wedding gowns. Men can be inspired by the collection and, with the help of 6E Design’s expertise, we design an outfit for himself or share his idea or what he’s looking for so that 6E Design can find the right suit from our exclusive collections.

We at 6E Design are highly regarded and valued by our customers from all corners of life, on our bespoke tailoring, due to our thoughtful expertise in handling various complicated tailoring projects, and we offer all of our customers 100% satisfaction and professionalism at its best.



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