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Looking for Designer Sherwani, an Engagement outfit, or Reception Bandhgala?

Choose an outfit that will bring the best in you!

Of all the wedding turmoil you ‘re going through, there’s one you don’t need to think about, sure, your engagement outfit! Since the 6Edesign is here to give you a wide range of customizable choices to dress you like a knight.

Gone the days of hoping to find something that suits what you saw Ranbir Kapoor or Aditya Roy Kapur flaunting in their movies, because now you can design your own outfit or pick one of the collections made with the latest trends and styles. Step up your style of play, pick from a fine and selected range of suits to match your modern Indian man’s taste. If you want to be subtle or all-out, whether you admire embroidery or love natural fabrics, whether you want to celebrate your traditions or if you want a western look or a costume that combines both worlds, then 6Edesign is the place where you shop. There’s something for every man at 6Edesign.

Jodhpuri: Jodhpuri suits are contemporary outfits that people of any age may select, making the wearer look like a fashion icon. It’s a combination of western cuts and Indian fabrics, often complemented by embroidery.

Indo-western: The electric selection of Indo-Western outfits is a must-try outfit for any given Indian celebration, and the search for the right outfit for multiple occasions ends here.

Suits: Enhance yourself with the perfect fit that’s just made for you. Nothing can beat the man who’s dressed in the perfect suit.

Sherwani: The Indian ceremonies are incomplete without colours, and so are the engagement dresses for men without a sherwani. From the classic sherwani to the daring sherwani, explore all of this. Stand out from the rest or complement your bride with the sherwani.

From the Jodhpuri to the Indo western styles to the ideal suits to the traditional sherwanis 6Edesign lets you find everything you need to customize your engagement outfit, so imagination is your part and 6edesign brings life to it with creativity, finest fabrics and unmatchable craftmanship ensures that your engagement outfit doesn’t just flatter you, but works to perfection.

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